Beyond the Dream

Updated: Mar 3

The feelings were mutual and we started to dream...

letting the forces of nature stage the scenes.

We played by the rules and hid the truth

shoveled dirt on the past... our future took root.

We merged our souls in the midst of illusions

but progress was thwarted by our own confusions.

Discord was proclaimed as rational discourse

and exploration rushed to circumvent the natural course.

Lies became the truth and the world turned topsy turvy

do as they say or they might think you're crazy.

Toxic spirits ingested daily...escaping the truth.

Do what comes naturally... clinging to our youth.

Smoke filled the air and we'd disappear

making love to repose the despair that we shared.

Waves of darkness and light posed a challenge

forget who we are or remain imbalanced.

Change the frame but everything remains the same

for only in dreams... you are perfect for me.