Updated: Mar 26

I am a fine person...

smart, witty, and pretty.

I am the kind who does not need pity.

When something goes wrong...

Press the button to be strong.

I walk into the room and they stare,

but I am shy and l act like l don't care.

I think they cannot see the despair

behind the smile l often wear.

Fractured by years of torture and fears...

Press the button to hide my tears.

A daily dive into the memories that l hold,

the wretched routine that is out of control.

Rewinding the tape won't undo the mistakes

Fast forward to the end to see if it's a trend.

Play pretend with the voices in my head

l don't know what is real...

what l see or what l feel.

They only operate on is it love or hate

No middle ground...

Press the button to find a new mate.

If this world is only an illusion

then l must accept fate not force a solution

I open my eyes but am l awake?

Every day is always the same...

Press the button to turn the page.