Updated: Dec 24, 2020

The sun kissed me over and over, but I didn't shy away, I blushed.

At first I felt tingles, but when the heat set in, it felt like I rubbed peppers all over my skin

I rushed to get water and relief but it was too late, the warmth of the sun sealed my fate

Pain that feels like being stung repeatedly, doesn't cool off so I must wait patiently.

Baked to perfection like a sweet golden cookie, starting to show cracks as new skin emerges.

As the new skin forms and the old skin starts to peel, I can't help but wonder what this truly reveals. Renewal and change is not quick, but is a slow, painful, and ugly process.

Wanting to peel off my old skin to show the new me faster, but that would be unwise.

It may not be pretty but healing takes time.

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