The Contract

Updated: Feb 8

Social norms are our guides

we must follow or we die

Filled with so much rage

we are told are innate

When we think we know the source:

It's our parents...

they never listen to us

It's our siblings...

they never support us

It's our teachers...

they never believe us

It's our friends...

they never really get us

It's our significant other...

they never fully accept us

It's society...

we walk with blinders on

Thrilled to be alive

if only to survive

We don't question authority

it's part of our conditioning

Praise for our acquiescence

Embrace for our teamwork

Punishment for our rebellion

Giving in is a choice

no less than Giving up

If you try to escape

they will call you insane

Obedience steals our identity

Perpetual nostalgia...

the real you, forgotten.