The Garden

Enter the gates and watch your step

the soil is moist the flowers are delicate.

If you don't mind getting a little wet

there is a sprinkler with a rotating jet.

Take my hand and walk with me

there's so much that l want you to see.

Look to your left there's a large empty bed

new seeds planted haven't sprouted yet.

Look to your right and you can see

the flowers of lotus growing for me.

Look straight ahead at the rows of flowers

planting the seeds took a lot of hours.

It's been my home since the day l was born

as you can see it has taken many forms.

In the beginning, there wasn't much to see

seeds planted here were not planted by me.

Many years of pruning to be fertile and rich

produced lots of fruits a continuous nich.

Those have come to visit and like what they see

try to change the land to what they want it to be.

I must confess there have been some neglect

reformatting nature is a persistent reflect.

You can take in the view but don't be confused

the landscape you see is only temporary.