The Magician

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

the show begins with a flash of light, then twinkling little stars.

the audience shifts to the edge of their seats, holding breaths,

ready to take part

they know what to expect, they've seen it all before

suspending reason is part of the show

ready to please the master of illusion

sit back and relax

you won't believe your eyes

he moves on stage like a foul synapse

transmitting messages to simple minds

a woman appears with flashy clothes and a big, big smile

she will only be there for a moment

her time is limited because he only needs her for a while

the audience is not wowed by her disappearance

smoke fills the room and boom!

it's like she never existed as she was only meant to be seen, not heard

he moves to the next act

memories fade as the smoke evaporates

rushing out in a herd after witnessing something superb.

minds elevated, shifted, transformed and he feels satisfied having given

another great performance.