The Mask

Updated: Feb 8

The alarm is triggered

and the breakdown ensues.

You never knew it could happen,

that it could really happen to you.

The mask had fit perfectly

when I tried it on in the store.

It's made for you said the lady,

said the lady next door.

I only wear it outside

when I go out to explore.

I take it off when I go to sleep,

put it in the nightstand for safe keep.

It's starting to show its wear and tear

and appears to be beyond repair.

I can't go out like this.. because they will know,

they will know that it was only for show.

My value is not there in the mask that I wear

It's a crutch that I use to avoid their abuse.

I'm no longer afraid to show my real face

I want the world to see that I'm finally free.